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Cemetery Committee Meeting Agenda
Sep 18, 2017

Towns of Doty, Mountain & Riverview

Cemetery Committee Meeting

Monday, September 18, 2017

 4:00 PM

Town of MountainOffice

13503 Weller Road, Mountain




  1. Convene in Open Session, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call
  2. Approve Agenda and Minutes from May 1, 2017
  3. Sexton’s Report
  4. Old shed disposal
  5. Tree Removal
  6. Discussion regarding additional land needs
  7. Discussion regarding driveway and decision made
  8. Sexton:  replacement lawnmower
  9. List of, and talk to, potential candidates interesting in custodian position for next spring
  10. Contingency Fund – how much do we have, how does it look?
  11. Balance sheet (budget) – where are we?
  12. 2018 Budget Workshop
  13. Any and All other Business of Interest – including possible trip to Cemetery
  14. Adjournment


If there is a quorum of any government body at this meeting, the existence of the quorum shall not constitute a meeting as no action of such body shall occur.


Christine Ermis, Town of Doty Clerk



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Christine Ermis, Clerk

Town of Doty

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