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Town Board Agenda
Dec 12, 2017


Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

7:00 p.m. - Doty Town Hall

Call to order. Roll call.

Invocation [Dick Kendall].

Pledge of Allegiance.

Does the Town Clerk certify that the requirements of the open meeting law have been met?  If so, we shall proceed with our meeting.

Establish the order of the day.

Review and approval of:

Town Board minutes for Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Other minutes from meetings held on November 14.

Presentation and acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report.

Appreciation and recognition.

Citizens Input – 5 minutes [please sign up to speak; direct your input to an item(s) that appears on the agenda below].

Business Items:


Roads report[Bob G.]

Consider road budget 2017 end-of-year budget status.

Recycle Center and Waste Management – [Andy D.]

Consider recycle center and WM 2017 end-of-year budget status.

Fire Department – Chief’s Update [Bruce]

Consider Fire Department 2017 end-of-year budget status.

MAS – [Ruth Dehne; Bob Gaie]

Budget consideration for 2017.

2017 Year-end Budget Review.

“Clean-up” actions needed as we move into 2018.  

Fund considerations…transfers, reclassifications.

Cemetery report – [Andy; ‘Soup’]

Report on misc. issues.

Second law enforcement officer – Clarification received; document signed and delivered.

Town Comprehensive Plan Development.

Mail and Meetings and other reports.

Brenda Vander Bloomer – Custodial person for the Town of Doty.  Doty sympathies extended to her and her family.








NOTE: Agenda items may or may not be taken up in the order listed.  Discussion and action may be taken on the listed issues.


Approve Payment of Vouchers





Upcoming meetings –


Tonight – Following the Board meeting please stay to enjoy some food that several have brought to ring in the holiday spirit.

December 25 – A special day for many.  Merry Christmas.

January 9, 2018; 7:00 p.m. – Town Board meeting; Doty Town Hall.


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