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Jan 09, 2018

Town of Doty

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes January 9, 2018


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Kendall at 7:07pm in the Town Hall.  Roll call was taken with Kendall, Gaie, Dryja, Morgan and Ermis present.  There were 9 in attendance.  Invocation by Chairman Kendall.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  The agenda was posted on January 7, 2018.  Clerk Ermis certifies that the open meeting law requirements have been met.


Minutesof the Town Board Meeting held December 12, 2017 were available for review.  Motion to accept minutes by Gaie.  Seconded by Dryja.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Reportwas given by Treasurer Morgan.  Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented by Kendall.  Seconded by Gaie.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report as of December 31, 2017





State Investment

Beginning Balance




























Ending Balance










Citizens Input– John V. internet access; LUPC concerns about Doty Quarry


Roads – Nothing to report


Recycle Center & Waste Management– Nothing to report


Fire Department– Fire Chief Charlier reported 1 fire call; still looking for tender


MAS – R. Dehne reports 15 calls; 4 in Doty; 1 cancellation; 1 rescue only; 4 no transport; no applications received


Cemetery – 1 Burial; looking into new lawn mower


Consideration of Internet access – Discussion regarding the speed of our interne & possible solutions


Second Law Enforcement Officer– The new Northern Oconto County Community Officer will be introduced to the committee at the January 23, 2018 Meeting in Doty


Town Comprehensive Plan Development– County Representative Jamie Broehm will have a workshop; contact will be made as to when this will be


CWWP(Community Wildlife Protection Plan) – need 1 person as a representative from the Fire Department and 1 Town Board Member – Andy Stemp and Andy Dryja volunteered


Mail and Meetings – Boulder Lake Campground & Boat Landing shut down until further notice; Aeration pumps on Boot Lake were discussed & explained by Supervisor Dryja; the Doty Dog Days of Winter are February 3rd & 4th


Approve Payment of Vouchers – Checks #9678 to and including #9718, Federal Tax Payment #9410118 and Annual State Tax Payment 9718.  Motion to approve disbursements by Dryja.  Seconded by Gaie.  Motion carried unanimously.


Doty Town Board Meeting – Tuesday, February 13, 2018 @ 7:00pm @ Doty Town Hall

Continuing discussions re: implementing procedures for the Second Law Enforcement Officer in the northern towns– January 23, 2018 @ 6:30pm @ Doty Town Hall

MAS Meeting – January 18, 2018 @ 6:30pm @ Riverview

CWWP– January 17, 2018 @ 5:30pm @ Riverview


Hearing no other orders of business.  Motion to adjourn by Dryja.  Seconded by Gaie.  Motion carried.  Time:  8:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by:


Christine Ermis, Clerk

Town of Doty

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